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Complete Onboarding Checklist

Our checklist is your one-stop-shop for a solid onboarding plan. Get organized immediately and start onboarding better!

The perfect onboarding checklist is not about compliance and forms – it’s about effective social integration and properly welcoming your new hires. It’s a tricky balancing act to be sure.

We’ve put together some of the best practices from some of your favourite sources, like SHRM and Aberdeen, into a helpful guide and checklist that will help align your team and provide an amazing experience to your new teammates.

We make onboarding easy and achievable by listing different levels of success. Grab a copy of the Complete Onboarding Checklist and get kickstarted on your way to a holistic onboarding program.

Research from many firms has shown that companies who engage in structured onboarding programs are dramatically more effective than those who do not. And still, only 32% of organizations have invested in a formal onboarding program.

Aberdeen Group Research

Striking the onboarding balance

We’ve broken the list down in a way that will help you start where you are. For those just starting out with structured onboarding, or teams that are looking to amp up their process, there’s something in there for everyone.

What’s included:

  • Timeline and Roadmap for the new hire’s first 6 months
  • Key actions on critical days
  • Special tips for the whole team
  • A levelled approach to help prioritize

Download this amazing onboarding checklist now!

From pre-boarding through the new hire’s first year, you’ll find the tips and moments for real impact throughout this action-packed guide.

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