Designed so you can focus on people.

Strategic onboarding plans have many moving parts, and things fall through the cracks. We’ve made it so you don’t have to worry about the details.

start onboarding in the blink of an eye

Get started in the blink of an eye.

To help you hit the ground running with a strong, strategic onboarding plan, we’ve created a Master best practice template. With a few small edits, you can be ready to roll with some rockin’ onboarding.

demonstration of strategic onboarding best practices template

seeing everyone engaged in onboarding
nudge your managers into action

Nudges and tasks, taken care of.

No one likes to be a nag. With our engaging automatic reminders, the whole team will know how and when to best contribute to the employee onboarding process. Delivered to where they are, when they need them, no need to log in.

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Create your own experiences

You don’t have to take our templates’ word for it. Using the simple builder, you can make your own workflows and design your own engaging experiences.

demonstration of building a strategic onboarding workflow

Integrate with tools you already love

We know you’re busy and you already work with lots of great tools to make your workday more productive. That’s why we made it incredibly easy to integrate into your existing routines.