Relationship-First Onboarding

Jumpstart onboarding with relationship-building experiences from the moment your new hire accepts the offer with our powerful employee onboarding software.

Onboarding is easier with everyone working together.
Automatically nudge employees to say hello to new hires.

Connect & Communicate

Show new hires how they contribute to your vision, mission and culture — even before their first day. For instance, give them a warm introduction to your company’s goals and key stakeholders, and monitor their progress.

Effortless Alignment

Onboarding is a team sport.  With the right information available at everyone’s fingertips, the entire team is empowered.

From managers to peer-buddies, keep everyone aligned and on-task, so they are ready to help the new hire shine with reminders delivered where they are — no need to sign in. No need to nag. 

Easy Consistency

Onboarding one person is difficult. Onboarding a bunch of people at the same time is chaos. Therefore, things can get lost, slip in-between the cracks and the experience for new hires are varied. 

But with our employee onboarding software, things stay consistent for every new crew member. This means everyone gets what they need, exactly when they need it, every time.

Get Going Faster

We have done the research and developed a set of onboarding best practices. So we took that and turned it into a template ready for you as soon as you sign-in.

Our pre-built template gives you a jump start on your onboarding, giving you time back in your day. So just customize to your liking and you’re on your way!

Are you ready to love onboarding?

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Where a new employee fits is an important puzzle piece.
Clarify Fit

Show your new hires how they fit into your team, with just in time information, instead of days long orientations.

Send messages and information exactly  when it's needed when doing employee onboarding.
Custom Cadences

Setup cadences so when an offer has been accepted the onboarding experience does too – instantly.

Drop the pencil and pick up digital signing.  Automate the paperwork in your employee onboarding process.
Complete Compliance

We want you to focus on what matters. Take the focus off the paperwork and automate your compliance needs

Have a little fun and engage the team in real-life with employee onboarding
Simplify Social

Automatically schedule meet-and-greets, welcome lunches, and casual get-to-know-you time.

Have your employee onboarding checklist ready
Tasks & Checklists

Keep all the little details organized, and keep everyone on task without lifting a finger.

Feedback keeps the wheel spinning with employee onboarding.
Guidance & Feedback

Automatically prompt for feedback, one-on-ones and check-in meetings at set intervals throughout onboarding.