Onboarding Handbook for Mentors

Onboarding Handbook for Mentors

Setting up a mentor program and looking for something to guide your mentors? We’ve got just the thing.

Creating a mentorship program or a handbook for mentors from scratch is no small job. There is so much to think about and plan!

That’s why we did the research and wrote up a foolproof handbook for mentors. It comes ready to sail so that you can hit the ground running.

It will give your future mentors the need-to-know basics of what being a mentor is all about and gives some helpful tips and tricks.

The kind of tool in your pocket that can’t help but create results by building key relationships early. These initial relationships are vital in increasing engagement and retention. The numbers don’t lie:

87 percent of organizations that assign a mentor or a buddy during the onboarding process say that it’s an effective way to speed up new hire proficiency.

(HCI, 2016)

It can save a good chunk of precious time if you give it directly to your mentors.
The handbook will also provide a great foundational block if you want to craft a mentorship program that is more unique to your organization.

After all, this handbook for mentors is yours to take and modify as you see fit. As your partner in onboarding, we want to help you learn and provide what’s best for you.

Download this amazing handbook for mentors now!

From pre-boarding through the new hire’s first year, you’ll find exactly what you need to know and be ready to make a real impact throughout this action-packed guide.

    Start Better Onboarding Now

    Start Better Onboarding Now

    Looking to engage and retain your new hires? Your onboarding program holds the keys to unlocking huge wins.

    This eBook is jam-packed with helpful tips, expert insights, and industry knowledge. So it’s the perfect tool to have at your disposal when it comes to onboarding.

    Sail away from the rough, unchartered waters that can sometimes happen when you are training and learning about new employees. Instead, this white paper will give you the know-how to create engaging and long-lasting relationships.

    Get your free eBook and learn:

    • The amazing impact people-focused onboarding has.
    • To build a business case to improve how you handle new hires.
    • To assess your current new hire programs
    • How small changes can create big differences.
    • Opportunities in people-focused experiences.

    “Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%”


    Stop holding your new hires and the company back. It’s time to go beyond the paperwork and show your people they matter.

    With this white paper, you will be well versed in today’s knowledge and statistics on this topic. You will know what some of the best companies are doing and you’ll know how to avoid severe pitfalls.

    No more waiting, no more wondering. The time to unlock the potential of your new hires is now!

    Download this amazing eBook now!

      Get Your Complete Onboarding Checklist

      Complete Onboarding Checklist

      Our checklist is your one-stop-shop for a solid onboarding plan. Get organized immediately and start onboarding better!

      The perfect onboarding checklist is not about compliance and forms – it’s about effective social integration and properly welcoming your new hires. It’s a tricky balancing act to be sure.

      We’ve put together some of the best practices from some of your favourite sources, like SHRM and Aberdeen, into a helpful guide and checklist that will help align your team and provide an amazing experience to your new teammates.

      We make onboarding easy and achievable by listing different levels of success. Grab a copy of the Complete Onboarding Checklist and get kickstarted on your way to a holistic onboarding program.

      Research from many firms has shown that companies who engage in structured onboarding programs are dramatically more effective than those who do not. And still, only 32% of organizations have invested in a formal onboarding program.

      Aberdeen Group Research

      Striking the onboarding balance

      We’ve broken the list down in a way that will help you start where you are. For those just starting out with structured onboarding, or teams that are looking to amp up their process, there’s something in there for everyone.

      What’s included:

      • Timeline and Roadmap for the new hire’s first 6 months
      • Key actions on critical days
      • Special tips for the whole team
      • A levelled approach to help prioritize

      Download this amazing onboarding checklist now!

      From pre-boarding through the new hire’s first year, you’ll find the tips and moments for real impact throughout this action-packed guide.

        The Onboarding checklist